We have been busy the last few months, recruiting new learners, employers & staff!

We’ve been talking about “Value added vs. Non-Value added” & what we do to give our learners & employers a better service!

So here we go….


Our Continuous Improvement standards are upheld by a team of distinguished industry professionals who have reached the pinnacle of expertise in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, having attained the esteemed statuses of Black Belt and Master Black Belt. These experts are at the forefront of implementing and delivering continuous improvement strategies.

Within this framework, we have established a multi-tiered approach to skill development and proficiency in Lean Six Sigma principles, with various levels of certification, each representing a distinct level of expertise and responsibility:

1. L3 Improvement Technician (Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt): This foundational level equips individuals with fundamental knowledge and skills in Lean Six Sigma, enabling them to contribute to process improvements and problem-solving within their respective areas of responsibility.

2. L4 Improvement Practitioner (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt): At this level, practitioners delve deeper into Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of process improvement techniques. They are well-prepared to lead smaller-scale projects and make substantial contributions to organizational efficiency.

3. L5 Improvement Specialist (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt): The Black Belt status signifies a high level of expertise in Lean Six Sigma. Specialists at this level are capable of leading complex projects, guiding teams, and driving significant improvements across the organization. Their role involves in-depth statistical analysis, process optimization, and the mentorship of Green Belts.

4. L6 Improvement Leader (Lean Six Master Black Belt): The pinnacle of Lean Six Sigma expertise, the Master Black Belt status is achieved by those who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency. Improvement Leaders at this level possess a wealth of experience and advanced problem-solving skills, allowing them to lead enterprise-level initiatives, mentor Black Belts, and drive transformative change across the entire organization.


Added Value – All apprentices that successfully complete an Improvement Apprenticeship with the Blue Lion Training Academy will receive the relevant Lean Six Belt Qualification from the Council for Lean Six Sigma which is recognised globally!