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Setting out what’s required

Apprenticeship standards are employer-led, meaning that employers can specify exactly what’s required from an apprentice in each specific role. Employer groups developing these standards are known as ‘trailblazers’. Trailblazer apprenticeships consist of a role-specific standard and an assessment plan, plus any other documents that may also be useful for guidance, although these are not mandatory.

Apprenticeship standards outline the skills, knowledge and behaviours (KSBs) required to carry out a certain job role. All apprentices must take an independent assessment at the end of their training to demonstrate the KSBs set out in the occupational standard.

Most apprenticeship standards don’t include mandatory qualifications, so employers and training providers can deliver teaching and learning in any way they wish. However, by continuing to offer qualifications, employers and training providers are able to implement a sound structure for delivery and ensure that apprentices achieve high-quality, transferable outcomes. Here at Blue Lion Training Academy, we look to provide real life business insights, examples and case studies to enhance the blended learning experience.

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