Internet & Social Media Policy

Blue Lion Training Academy Social Media Policy

Guidelines for the education and training industry are similar to any industry especially in terms of values, ethics and confidentiality policies that our employees are responsible for being accountable for their own action. This applies to our employee whether they are on clock or off clock. This policy applies to the company sponsored social media or personal in relation to Blue Lion Training Academy.

Blue lion training academy supports appropriate use of social media. When partaking in social media, employees are expected to protect Blue Lion Training Academy.

Any accounts created using Blue Lion Training Academy account/email domain, are of Blue Lion Training Academy Property.

At all time you are expected to protect against

Information to Never Disclose:

  • Clients Information: At no point should you share information on a client or customers to anyone who is not an authorised party of a project or involved in the project. This also means to any 3rd Parties such as family or friends.
  • Legal Information: Any information to do with legal matters, is only dealt with internally with legal parties such as lawyers or HR.
  • Confidential information: Publishing confidential information publicly is not part of our company policy. Any breach of these policies will be disciplined

Employee Empowerment:

  • Not allowed to use content illegal
  • If in need of images, videos that are legal. Use Adobe stock which is available for content creation community.
  • If unhappy with this information, please look at creative commons website which provide free and easy-to-use copyright licences that are provided to the public within it’s right of use as stated by the user who shared their work using creative commons website.
  • Employee are to acquire licenses for any music, imagery or videos used as part of their social media campaigns.
  • Employee is required to look at the use of license, before using the license to ensure they use it within the respect use.

Company Monitoring:

  • Monitor data used on social media and update accordingly
  • Cybersquatting – check for any cyber squatting website that are using domain name to gain users trust and get money. Blue Lion Training Academy does not take online payments and deals with customer