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Pathways Highlights

Don’t forget our Blue Lion pathways include Management, Marketing, and Media. This month we will focus on highlighting the management pathway.

Highlighting the Management Pathway

The Management and Administration pathway falls in the Business & Administration occupational map for apprenticeships. Within this pathway, we have 6 apprenticeships, which are:

These apprenticeships can be separated into 3 distinct levels of qualifications/occupations:

  • Technical Occupations, such as the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor and the Level 3 Improvement Technician. The role of these apprenticeships is to coordinate, manage, and deliver specific business processes and their direct provisions to users.
  • Higher Technical Occupations, like the Level 4 Associate Project Manager, the Level 4 Improvement Practitioner, and the Level 5 Improvement Specialist. These roles lead and manage a project (business/process improvement), business support services, and/or run a practice using the full range of business systems, procedures, and accounting practice. Apprentices within these occupations will learn/have the ability to set-up & develop a new business as well.
  • Professional Occupations, for example the Level 6 Improvement Leader. Typically, these roles are leaders of a business process and/or unit, requiring the ability to analyse and improve complex business-wide processes and risks. They also require the ability to provide a full range of company legal and financial knowledge relevant to running a company.

We have videos on our YouTube channel outlining and summarising some of the apprenticeships we offer, highlighting the roles & responsibilities, explaining some of the content involved, and how it can be applied to a role. The video above is for the Level 3 Improvement Technician, explained by our Continuous Improvement Tutor, Dave.

Who’s Joined The Academy

We would like to say ‘Welcome to the Academy’ to all our new learners from ALSTOM, INEOS, Project4 Learning, and Vacuum Engineering.

Our Level 4 Associate Project Manager, Level 4 Improvement Practitioner, and Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeships have all got some new apprentices on programme.