Facilitation & Soft Skills Awareness

Adult learning with a difference

For years soft skills, such as teaming, problem-solving, and communication took a back seat to hard skills, the knowledge and technical skills needed to perform a specific job, such as computer skills, accounting, or research analysis. No more.

Recent studies reveal that business leaders see a huge soft skills gap in their organisations and it’s hurting productivity and impacting the bottom line. Millennials are being hired in with many of the hard skills needed but are lacking in the soft skills required. Therefore this course has been designed to fill the gap by providing a soft skills training curriculum to employees or employers feeling the pinch in their business.

While it is easier to train a new hire in a particular hard skill, it is more difficult to train a soft, interpersonal skill. This is why we come in to share insights and guide learners through real life experience using training, coaching and story telling skills to enhance the learning experience.

Course Structure

This course consists of multiple sessions, videos, each of which is a collection of related lessons.

This one day course will cover many subjects in small bit size chunks and will give each employee the chance to practice the learning undertaken. We will explore the questioning techniques available to us, recognise the importance of good communication skills, understand the soft skills tool kit that is at our disposal, know how to deal with difficult delegates, learn how to build rapport with colleagues in the workshop and appreciate the passion and energy required for change

The Aim is:
To be aware of the Principles and Strategies we have as Trainers / Facilitators The Objectives are: By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Explain the main questioning techniques available to us
  • More aware of how to deal with difficult delegates
  • Understand what strategies we have to make sessions more engaging
  • Appreciate that it is us that make the difference in the learning environment

A good facilitator must keep in focus the subject of discussion, manage the process deal with the problem(s) at hand effectively and remind the participants to consider the broader context of the issue while maintaining a neutral perspective.

Level 3 – Facilitation & Soft Skills

  • Programme Duration

    1 Day

  • Training Days

    1 Day

  • Level 3 Of Training

    Soft Skills

  • Coaching Days

    0 Days

  • Assessment Checklist

    0 Days

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