Excellence through Project Management

End to end process managements

This stand alone course is aimed at Employees who have been identified to lead on Organisational Projects that feed into the Programme Management Function. You will be awarded with an integrated understanding of, and training in, how to get a project work requirements done more effectively by the application of Project Management Principles and Techniques all based around the ARM portfolio and some of the 69 subject areas. The design of the ETPM course will give you the inter-topic understanding (Education) together with some intra-topic skills (Training). Education without training will enable you to do the right things badly, however training without the education will enable you to do the wrong things well. Therefore at the end of the ETPM course you will be able to recognise what you don’t know and can then make an informed decision about further skills training if required

Course Structure

This course consists of multiple sessions, videos, each of which is a collection of related lessons.

This course is structured using the EPDCA methodology based on the Deming cycle and considers many of the topics in the APM portfolio. Each day is structured with session inputs by the trainer and then followed up with application of learning into a simulation case study.

Day 1 – Evaluate (Is this project worth doing?) Day 2 – Plan
Day3 – Do
Day 4 – Check and Act

This course consists of sessions inputs with the Trainer, and a case study project simulation that enables the employee to put theory into practice.

We will regularly review the case study in line with the teaching to ensure a high quality learning experience is given. The course also considers a project teams characteristics so that the project manager can appreciate how to get the best out of the employees who are engaged with the project and that are leading any activities within the project plan. From a Base start of a project charter, WBS, network diagrams Including float, Gantt charts, though to managing recourse, quality, time and cost are all within the structure. We learn why projects fail and how risk management can be applied through the earned value analysis (EVA) and scheduling techniques. An employee will leave this course with confidence and ready to lead on a project management activity for your organisation.

Level 4 – Excellence through Project Management

  • Programme Duration

    12 Weeks

  • Training Days

    5 Days

  • Level 4 Of Training


  • Coaching Days

    2 Days

  • Assessment Checklist

    0 Days

  • Training Method

    Digital Classroom


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