Left vs Right Brain: The Characteristics

Left vs Right Brain: Characteristics within Students

When it comes to learning, everybody has a preferred learning method and there are lots of learning theories that can be applied to deliver better learning outcomes.

One such theory is the left vs. right brain theory, which suggests that people are either left-brained or right-brained. People who are creative or artistic will generally be determined to have a right brain, while people who are more analytically minded will be regarded as having a left brain.

The left hemisphere of the brain is said to be responsible for analytical thinking, mathematical problem solving, and linguistics. The right hemisphere is believed to be responsible for emotional, visual-spatial processing, and creative thoughts.

How this affects studying

People who more commonly use right-brain thinking are thought to be better suited to more creative types of careers but they also prefer to learn in more creative ways. Adapting teaching to suit the preferred learning method is usually more effective, as the learner will learn faster this way.

For a right-brain thinker, learning is generally easier when presented in visual form rather than auditory (listening to lectures, etc.). For a left-brain thinker, learning in sequential steps methodically is generally the preferred and more effective approach.

At Blue Lion Academy, we analyse students’ preferred learning styles, using the VARK questionnaire and we also identify left-brain and right-brain thinkers so that teaching can be adapted to the most effective learning style.

This means that when we are helping apprentices to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their apprentice roles, the learning will progress at a faster rate than using a generic training approach. It also means that the information presented in training is more likely to be absorbed and understood by using the preferred learning style of the specific learner.

At Blue Lion, we work with numerous creative businesses to deliver successful apprentice programmes, to help apprentices to become valuable employees.

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