Blue Lion Training Academy is here to Involve, Improve & Inspire learners to unlock their true potential in a way that benefits themselves, or their organisation. Here are some questions commonly asked by learners:

Ten most popular questions asked by Apprentices/Learners…

Blue Lion Training Academy runs Digital Classrooms, so you can be anywhere in England, and we can deliver the training virtually.

However, for the work experience aspect, you can travel where possible as agreed with your Trainer.

Thanks to our network of work experience providers, we can provide learning and training to students and employers all over England.

Blue Lion Training Academy utilises an online learning platform called bud. Bud allows us to provide our training to learners across the country.

Whats even better is the other services bud provides. There is a main dashboard, allowing easy navigation, as well as a tracking system, beneficial for the learners, employers, and Blue Lion Training academy as it allows you to ensure you/r apprentices are on track.

Click here to learn more about what bud is, and how it works.

If you are an employee, you can become an apprentice by simply asking your manager to be upskilled in the apprenticeship to gain new Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours.

If you are unemployed, you can call Blue Lion Training Academy, to see what vacancies we have available through our partners and businesses currently advertising for apprenticeships.

You can find creative apprenticeship vacancies through our Blue Lion Training academy vacancy page under the IMPROVE US section of this website or click here.

We always have something available for young creatives. If you can’t see any current vacancies then please subscribe to our newsletters on this page, this will help notify you of any new vacancies that are made available.

Apprentices that have been made redundant can email Blue Lion Training Academy at to continue their apprenticeship terms and conditions permitting.

At Blue Lion Training Academy, we believe each one of us should involve, improve, and inspire.  We aim to involve both the employer and apprentice in the training to ensure a standard is being met to ensure return on investment and the rights knowledge, skills and behaviours are being taught in preparation for the apprentice’s End-Point-Assessment. We aim to continuously improve & inspire apprentices to constantly aim higher and drive a high-performance culture within their place of work, even if it may be remote.

Yes, employers are still taking on apprentices during this period, with regulations put in place with government guidelines. 99% of Blue Lion Training Academy apprenticeship delivery is now done remotely using some of the industry’s best online software.

With everything going on right now, apprenticeships have become the best alternative route to getting educations.

At Blue Lion Training Academy, we offer our training online for employers & apprentices. Call us on 01332 738 625 to see how we can support you.

Check out our apprentice page, to learn more about creative apprenticeship in the media & creative industry.

Creative apprenticeships are all about engaging with customers, through visuals, images, writing, and sounds. Whether it direct or online, digitally or remote it’s all about learning on the job. This allows you to apply and sustain knowledge, skills and behaviours that are taught throughout your apprenticeship programme.