Helping apprentices reach new heights

The number of people looking for alternatives to college & university is growing, and with COVID-19 causing education institutes to reside to online learning, the university experience is changing, leaving more to the imagination and increasing choices, with more people thinking of becoming apprentices.

With more & more people opting to join an apprenticeship, it’s quite a challenge to join a competitive market like the media industry.

Blue Lion Training Academy is unique in its offering of apprenticeships. Catering for both left and right-brain thinkers, with our tutors having years of experience in their industries and using a variety of online resources, we have something that caters for all learners.

As a learner at Blue Lion Training Academy, you will have access to our online learning platform bud. You will be able to use bud at any time across multiple platforms (tablet, mobile phone, Laptop etc), having access to videos, notes and assessment materials that will help you through your apprenticeship. Find out more about how bud works here.

Creative Apprenticeships

We’re a fully accredited Lean Six Sigma provider. Six Sigma is both a methodology for process improvement and a statistical concept that seeks to define the variation inherent in any process. Six Sigma is that variation in a process leads to opportunities for error; opportunities for error then lead to risks for product defects. Product defects lead to poor customer satisfaction. By working to reduce the number of errors, the Six Sigma methods ultimately reduces process costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement Apprenticeships

If you are an employer looking to take on a new apprentices or up-skill your current full time employees, then you’ve come to right place.

Here at Blue Lion Training Academy, our management consultants help businesses make this process simple, adding value from day one with industry insights to support your team’s knowledge and skills development, and therefore helping your apprentices get the most out of their apprenticeship.

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