Apprenticeships are now!
    Getting paid to train, earn, and learn…

More and More people are looking for alternatives to college and university and with covid-19 causing many education institutes to reside to online learning the University experience and lifestyle is left to the imagination or chance.

With more and more people opting to join an apprenticeship, it’s quite a challenge when you look to join in such a competitive market like the Media Industry.

One day a week for your learning, the rest you are working hands-on to bring results for the business and apply your learning. Each day you build confidence in yourself and in the skills you learn.

You will get a hands-on team, assisting you in your dream career. Our qualified trainers and coaches are here to help you in applying for the latest apprenticeship vacancies…

Our latest apprenticeship vacancies

Blue Lion Training Academy are working in collaboration with Studiowide a marketing agency from Liverpool who have been bringing marketing campaigns to life for the past 15 years and will support the enhancement of knowledge, skills and behaviours to support the apprentices development

Blue Lion Training Academy are working in collaboration with BritAsiaTV to bring life to your project with real-life experience in the media industry which will enhance your knowledge, skills and behaviours for the delivery of your End Point Assessment.

All the creative apprenticeships provided to you

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