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We use bud, our online learning platform, to deliver our lessons and provide our learners with the information they need.

Bud is an apprenticeship software which has allowed us to provide our courses online and remotely. It has changed the way apprenticeships and training is being provided and has most definitely changed how we have provided our courses, helping us stand out from our competitors.

With bud, we are able to provide our learners with quality, easy to access lessons, whilst also allowing them to have direct contact with the tutors. The learners always have access to the information & tools at any time, creating a beneficial learning environment.

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If you are an employer looking to take on a new apprentices or up-skill your current full time employees, then you’ve come to right place.

Here at Blue Lion Training Academy, our management consultants help businesses make this process simple, adding value from day one with industry insights and information to support your team’s knowledge and skills development.

If you have any further queries regarding Blue Lion Training Academy, and the services it provides, then check our FAQ pages, or simply contact us.

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