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    Is your strategy delivering
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Your business needs to be able to respond to change and to lead business transformation so that you can succeed at what you do best. It’s people who are key building blocks in any organisation. But do all the building blocks slot together, and are all your people working on the right things and in the right way to drive operational excellence?

We offer a range of Lean & Six Sigma training and qualifications where employees are wanting to increase their knowledge of operational excellence and adapt the methodologies of lean and six sigma.

Each course has been designed to meet the body of knowledge for the council of six-sigma certification standard but with the flexibility to adapt the course to meet the needs of the customer, making it fit for purpose for the industry sector and business requirements combined with coaching and mentoring to achieve an improvement project for accreditation of the appropriate standard.

What is Six Sigma?

Data driven decision making

Six Sigma, or 6σ, is both a methodology for process improvement and a statistical concept that seeks to define the variation inherent in any process. The overarching premise of Six Sigma is that variation in a process leads to opportunities for error; opportunities for error then lead to risks for product defects. Product defects—whether in a tangible process or a service—lead to poor customer satisfaction. By working to reduce variation and opportunities for error, the Six Sigma method ultimately reduces process costs and increases customer satisfaction. This concept is becoming more popular in transactional services processes where the process time usually becomes invisible due to the lack of consistency in the process, sometime known as the transactional hidden factory.

In applying Six Sigma, organisations, teams, and project managers seek to implement strategies that are based on measurement and metrics. Historically, many business leaders made decisions based on intuition or experience. Despite some common beliefs in various industries, Six Sigma doesn’t remove the need for experienced leadership, and it doesn’t negate the importance of intuition in any process. Instead, Six Sigma works alongside other skills, experience, and knowledge to provide a mathematical and statistical foundation for decision making. Experience might say a process isn’t working; statistics prove that to be true. Intuition might guide a project manager to believe a certain change could improve output; Six Sigma tools help organisations validate those assumptions.

Our full cost Lean Six Sigma courses

These courses are designed for quick implementation of training and upskilling individuals and accrediting successful candidate through the Council for Six Sigma certification (CSSC) for the level of education provided. They can range from a single week to a few months and do not include coaching to support the individual through their actual project.

We do however encourage all learners to opt for a management consulting option with a number of days support for their improvement project so that they are sufficient in apply the knowledge and education provided from the online/virtual learning.

All learners are only certified once they are assessed again the CSSC requirements and completed the improvement project(s) and gate reviews,

Improvement Apprenticeships

Each apprenticeship course has been designed to meet the Apprenticeship Standard (IfATE) but with the flexibility to adapt the customer’s needs with a programme that is fit for purpose for the industry sector and business requirements.

We offer a full range of Continuous Improvement Apprenticeship programmes from Level 2: Lean Manufacturing Operative to Level 6: Improvement Leader.

Each of our offerings has been meticulously developed using our knowledge of adult accelerated learning techniques to provide efficient, effective and exciting learning programmes for our apprentices. These apprenticeships have been strengthened with the body of knowledge for lean six sigma inline with the council for six sigma certification and we are able to provide accreditation at the end of Gateway prior to the apprenticeship end point assessment.


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