Employing School Leavers and Graduates

When you are considering hiring new employees, you might be a bit hesitant to employ school leavers, or graduates due to their lack of experience, but there are many benefits of employing school leavers that you might not have considered. Some of the key benefits include:

VARK – The Four Different Learning Styles

When it comes to employee development, many factors influence how well employees progress. The type of training they are provided with, as well as their motivation and commitment to learning, will be integral to their progression. As an employer, you should also consider how different learning styles will impact development. Apprentices require a lot of initial training, both as part of an apprentice training programme and on-the-job training.

Up-skilling: The Full Guide of Techniques

There are so many benefits to investing time and effort into up-skilling your workforce. Providing your employees with good learning and development opportunities improves engagement, makes people feel more valued, and develops new skills that will boost business productivity and performance. When employees feel like they have progression opportunities at your business, they are less likely to apply for external jobs as they will feel they can achieve their career targets while working for you.

Left vs Right Brain: The Characteristics

When it comes to learning, everybody has a preferred learning method and there are lots of learning theories that can be applied to deliver better learning outcomes. One such theory is the left vs. right brain theory, which suggests that people are either left-brained or right-brained. People who are creative or artistic will generally be determined to have a right brain, while people who are more analytically minded will be regarded as having a left brain.

Well-Being of your Remote Employees

Working from home can have an impact on employees, often causing isolation & burnout, meaning their well-being needs to be maintained. As an employer, it's important to know how you can support your employees, so we decided to list a few steps you could take to help those within your company.

2021 Customer Satisfaction Results

Earlier this year, we sent out our 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey, asking both Employers and Apprentices to participate, and the results are in! Here at Blue Lion, customer feedback is incredibly important to us. We want to hear from all our clients, both Employers and Apprentices alike. Getting feedback helps us to improve the quality of our services, letting us know what we’re doing well, and what areas we need to improve on.