Awarding Body

The Awarding body for the Blue Lion Training Academy Lean Six Sigma full cost programme is the Council for Six Sigma Certification governed by Blue Lion Management Consulting Limited.

Governing the process for all Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Accreditation.

The Awarding body for the Improvement Apprenticeship standards is the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education with the External Quality Assurance body as Open Awards.

There are many terms that are used to describe the role of an organisation than designs, develops, delivers and awards the recognition of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and/or competences) of an individual following an assessment and quality assurance process that is valued by employers, learners or stakeholders.

However the EPAO (End Point Assessment Organisation) of choice for the Improvement Apprenticeships is the United Centre of Excellence.

Many awarding bodies (over 160) in the UK are recognised by Ofqual (for England), CCEA (for Northern Ireland), Welsh Government (for Wales) and/or SQA (for Scotland).

For many awarding bodies, recognition by one of the UK regulators will be the appropriate quality mark for their organisation. For others it might be QAA, ISO or oversight by a professional regulator as the Council for Six Sigma Certification.