Are you at a crossroad in your career?

If you are currently employed in a media related job and feel you are at a crossroad in your career, then don’t quit, speak with your employer and we together can help you achieve the greatness you deserve.

Use the accountability ladder when making your next decision especially when it come to your career and aspirations. We have a network of media professionals that can provide the insight you may be looking for.

There is no age limit to be an apprentice and you don’t have to leave your workplace for a day release in a college. Blue Lion Training Academy make it simple through online learning, study plans, masterclasses and assignments make your 20% of the Job seem like a dream come true.

accountability ladder

You may be looking to upskills yourself within the media industry

Or you are at a stage where you would like to return to work but have not been keeping up with trends in the media and digital industry…

Whatever it is that you are interested in, we can help you reach your ideal goals.

We believe age should not restrict learning therefore no matter your age there is always room to upskill and grow with us.

All the creative apprenticeships provided to you

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