Customers want value. Companies want productivity. The solution: streamlined operations, from manufacturing to delivery.

The achievement of Operational Excellence can be defined differently for each organisation, however it can be found at the point in which organisational capability, capacity, speed and agility intersect. These variables are built upon the foundation of four fundamentals:

1. Organizational Leadership and vision.

2. The “People” or Culture of the organisation.

3. The Business Processes that are in place and used to effectively manage the business.

4. The Information Technology (IT) that supports effective execution of the business processes.

The visual below depicts the various elements that provide the foundation for Operational Excellence. Notice how the four foundations above are most prominent, and more importantly that Leadership and Culture are directly connected with Op Ex, whereas Process and Technology are indirectly connected (i.e. their role supports the effectiveness of the Leadership and Culture).

Ask yourself the question: How are my people, process and technology aligned in order to support our organisations achievement of Operational Excellence?

We can guide you through your journey of High Performance Culture with the fundamentals using the back to basic approach our Executive Consultants have years of experience in Industry to provide your company with the insights needed to sustain a culture of continuous improvement by unfreezing your current habits to make way for change.

(0) The role of a “Kaizen Facilitator” is a fundamental part of learning and a pre-requisite if your organization has no strategy for Continuous Improvement in Lean or Six Sigma : : Download the Kaizen Facilitator Factsheet : :