Course Enquires

Your organisation is unique, so we offer a range of training options to suit your organisation, from public to in-company and distance learning courses, there’s a perfect solution for your workforces and organisation.

We can help tailor make your TNA (Training Needs Analysis) to fit the business needs through fully funded adult learning to rapid improvement programmes. Enabling your business to up-skill its employees to get quick wins and drive a culture of lean and high performance.

Organisations all around the world, accept on-going training is an absolute necessity. Achieving and maintaining standards of quality, stabilising or reducing costs, managing supply chains, avoiding waste, rework and repetition, and ensuring a competitive edge are all crucial factors which can be positively impacted by properly designed and deployed training programmes.

Human Resources professionals will also understand the vital importance of training in attracting the right staff, developing the existing workforce, creating the next generation of team leaders, supervisors and managers, and providing the top level management skills that allow organisations to thrive and prosper


If you are interested in quick simple improvements by removing waste from processes then the ‘LEAN’ route would accommodate your personal development.


If you are interested in why there is variation in your output and your customer complaints are rising then ‘SIX SIGMA’ route would accommodate.


The role(s) of the “Lean & Six Sigma” Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt is a combination of the roles highlighted for Six Sigma and for Lean.


The standards for Improvement Apprenticeships have been developed by a number of leading Blue Chip Organisations known as Apprenticeship Trailblazers.


No training is successful with out understanding the why…
We encourage senior sponsorship training to embed a culture of improvements