About the Blue Lion Training Academy

Learn how a variety of businesses, from construction to aerospace, manufacturing to services, use Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to improve their day to day work by allowing them to make better informed decisions so they can reduce waste, duplication, inefficiencies and much more…

Building an Improvement Culture with Lean Six Sigma

What are your greatest business challenges?

For many these include a need to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve process efficiencies, decrease risk, develop resilience and grow at the same time.

If the above challenges describe what your business and your people face, why not consider using the Lean Six Sigma methodology to address them?

The tools and philosophies that underpin Lean Six Sigma provide a perfect way of building a sustainable improvement culture and level of operational excellence.

Founded by a senior Master Black Belt leader of Quality and Continuous Improvement with a win-win mind-set from the Aerospace and Maritime Industry, the ethos behind the Blue Lion Training Academy is to work within a consortium of people with the same vision and mission to help businesses become more efficient through up-skilling and training.

The Blue Lion Management Consulting division has a number of Management Consultants which bring real life experience and insights from industry and not just to deliver standard statistical training.

Lean Six Sigma is a complex subject but some may say it is a form of structured common sense, the tools and disciplines however have a track record of achieving financial avoided and/or tangible benefits and the Blue Lion Training Academy can help bring the learning to life through practical simulations and provide priceless insights through industry experience.

Blue Lion Training Academy…


Working alongside experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts to bring valuable insights and embedding the learning via our Management Consultants, mentors and coaches.


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Working with you to manage your apprenticeship levy to help develop new or existing employees to be up-skilled in Lean Six Sigma via the Improvement Standards